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Propagation planter with self-watering system

Thanks to an ingenious string system, your plant receives all the nutrients it needs, when it needs them. The result: healthy, long-lasting plants without the risk of drowning or drying out.

Mother Nature knows what she needs to live and blossom. Just plant your greenery, cut 1, 2, or 3 shoots for propagation, add water to the glass container and base tank, and she’ll do the rest!

Once its roots are long enough (3-5 cm/1½-2”), plant the cutting next to the parent plant in the terracotta pot. Then you’ll plant them back in the big pot, and repeat…forever and ever.

This 100% natural process will limit your use of water and do away with countless plastic pots and planters. Instead, you have a single pot and water tank made from authentic, environmentally friendly materials.

Dimensions: W19.5 x D13.5 x H15.5 cm

Net weight: 1032g

Materials: Terracotta pot and glass body with cotton self-watering wicks